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Fill any job, in any sector, anytime!


My Joblist is an online recruitment agency committed to delivering the best fit for the right role. With over 15 years experience in the marketing, hospitality, retail and IT industries we have the networks and experience to fill your vacancy.  

We understand that some businesses do things differently, that’s why we offer a range of recruitment packages to suit all businesses big and small.

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19 Mar 2014
The Importance Of Employee Referrals In The Recruitment Process

Recruiters employ a number of different methods and industry approved techniques to shortlist and select the best possible candidate from the multitude of interested applicants. The various methods em...

19 Mar 2014
Improving Recruitment Effectiveness through Job Portals

The entire process of recruitment and selection is one in which a considerable amount of effort and organizational resources are employed in order to ensure that the best possible candidate is chosen ...

10 Mar 2014
The Benefits Of Employing Video Interviews For Efficient Recruitment

The main goal of every recruiter is to make sure that the candidate they choose to fill a job vacancy serves as the best fit for the organization and will contribute in the future prosperity of the bu...

04 Mar 2014
The Significance Of Myers Briggs Personality Testing In Recruitment

The most important and challenging task for a recruiter is to choose the most suitable candidate for an available job vacancy, from a large pool of interested applicants. The process not only involves...

24 Feb 2014
The Efficacy Of Social Media As A Recruitment Channel

The constantly changing dynamics of technology in the world has completely revolutionised different activities and job responsibilities in various sectors of the industry. The art of recruitment, whic...