16 March 2015

Are your recruitment methods damaging your brand?

Are your recruitment methods damaging your brand?  For most people job hunting is a tedious task and one that is often filled with mixed emotions- change, fear, self doubt, hope, pride and so on. When people finally arrive at the point of finding a job that is appealing to them, they may take the time […]

28 January 2015

6 Reasons Why Staff Are Leaving You in 2015

Employees are a business’s greatest asset, which is why it is paramount to provide them with a healthy and secure work environment.  No business is immune to staff turnover and the days of staff loyalty are quickly diminishing.  That said, there are still ways to help minimize turnover of staff and create an environment where […]

13 November 2014

LinkedIn- The Revolutionizing Element In The Sphere Of Recruitment

A number of social media channels and networking sites are very popular in the industry, and serve as a great way to promote and communicate interesting news amongst a larger number of members of the community. But LinkedIn enjoys the distinction of being the social media channel, recognised as the ideal and preferred networking platform, […]

13 November 2014

Steps To Ensure A Simple And Effective Recruitment Process

The most important activity necessary for the success of a company is the recruitment and subsequent selection of a candidate who portrays promising potential and fulfills all the essential requirements of the organisation for a particular position. But this is something easier said than done. The importance of effective recruitment can be gauged from the […]

14 August 2014

Online Psychometric Testing: Aiding The screening Process

Psychometric tests objectively measure a person’s metal ability and/or personality. Many companies nowadays are finding online psychometric testing from sites like onlinetestadministrator.com a key part of their recruitment process. These tests have been designed to give employers a measurable method of selecting the candidates or job applicants that are most suitable for promotion or recruitment. […]

14 August 2014

Behind The CV: Interview Questions For Employers

Most people think of interviews in the traditional way where the potential employer asks the question and the interviewee answers. However, interviews have changed, so much so that the interviewee is also given a chance to question the interviewer. This normally happens as the interview is coming to an end. The interviewer will ask you […]

11 May 2014

Pregnancy and Work Transitions

Pregnancy in the work force is a subject that many companies have to deal with at some point. As women are filling many open jobs, it makes sense that they will need to have some time off in order to take care of their newborn babies. While many companies may fully understand and support this, […]

11 May 2014

Mobile Recruitment- The Changing Dynamics Of Job Advertising

As trends in the industry change, so do population preferences, making it essential for the companies operating in the industry to accept the modification in the dynamics, and adopt channels and means to reach out to the market. It is not only important to understand the significance of the changing needs and preferences of the […]

19 March 2014

The Importance Of Employee Referrals In The Recruitment Process

Recruiters employ a number of different methods and industry approved techniques to shortlist and select the best possible candidate from the multitude of interested applicants. The various methods employed include long and complex processes which require a considerable amount of work, with follow up, to ensure the efficiency of the procedure. Employee referrals is a […]

19 March 2014

Improving Recruitment Effectiveness through Job Portals

The entire process of recruitment and selection is one in which a considerable amount of effort and organizational resources are employed in order to ensure that the best possible candidate is chosen for the available job vacancy. Selecting the most suitable candidate is not an easy task, and involves a long and tiring process for […]