17 January 2014

Active Listening Vs Communicating

Many companies wonder how they will be able to run more efficiently and get things done with the least amount of trouble. For the most part, the companies who are the most frustrated with the way things are going are the ones who sit there and do all of the talking but never do any of the listening to what their employees and others are saying. It is important that your company understand the importance of active listening and communication in order to keep everyone talking and so things can run smoothly. Here are some facts about both to get you started.

What is Active Listening?

The first thing that we will look at is active listening. This is often a lot more important than the talking part, even though it is the thing that most people will forget to do. You have to take the time to properly listen to what the other person in the conversation is saying to you. For example, have you ever been in a conversation with someone who does not seem to listen to you? They start answering questions before you are even done talking and for the most part their answers have nothing to do with what you are talking about? This usually happens because the other party is not participating in active listening.

To be a good active listener, you need to take the time to fully focus your attention on what the other person is saying. Eliminate anything that may distract you, ask questions if something is not making sense, and wait until it is your turn to speak. This will help to avoid any confusions later on and make the other person feel like you are really trying to communicate with them.

What is Communicating?

Communication is a broad term that encompasses everything that happens during a conversation. This would include active listening and the speaking part. If you are having bad communication, one or both of these parts is being missed by someone in the conversation and not much is going to get done. On the other hand, if you are having good communication, both parties will leave the conversation understanding what the other expects and things will get done much more smoothly.

How Both Can Help in the Workplace

You need to have both the speaking part and the active listening part of communication available in order to properly have a conversation. Often the reason that things are not done properly, or not done at all, is because someone in the conversation was not paying attention and details went missing along the way. show your employees respect by not only talking to them all of the time, but listening to what they have to say. Perhaps one of the biggest problems with why something is not working is because your employees are trying to point something out to you but you are too busy talking to notice. The lines of communication need to be kept open in order for your business to run at its very best.

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