17 April 2013

Getting Results With Aptitude & Personality Tests!

Aptitude tests as well as personality tests can be used to test a person’s compatibility with a particular career field. These career tests can act as guides as to what career path one should take as opposed to trying out different fields before finding your actual field of interest.

How these assessments work

Assessment tests that are career related are mostly based on the personality and psychology of an individual. The theory behind it is simple; every individual responds to questions with regards to their personality type. The psychology type of an individual can predict their most suitable career.

Career assessment tests come in form of question series that try to match a person’s personality with their most ideal career. These assessments mostly come in two forms; aptitude tests and personality tests. It is of vital importance to take these tests before employment. For this reason, most companies will have aptitude tests and personality tests as part of their pre-employment requirements.

career assessment tests

Aptitude tests

These are pre-employment tests that measure a person’s ability to undertake a particular kind of work. These types of tests are mostly used by companies to shortlist candidates for job positions. It is also possible to take aptitude tests online for free at your own time. This gives you the chance to practice in case you will need to take a similar test at an interview. You can get this tests on virtually any topic. For instance, you can  test your skills in sales or even other fields like firefighting.

Personality tests

In personality tests, what they normally measure is an individual’s personal characteristics, stability and emotional makeup. These types of tests are mostly used by career counsellours as a career tool in a career planning practice. Some personality tests can be interpreted online by those taking them while others will require professional help to interpret.

How you can pass an aptitude test

In today’s job market, passing an aptitude test has become increasingly important. This is because most institutions and companies offer aptitude questions as part of their interview questions. The myth surrounding these tests is that one has to finish the questions to pass. This is far from the truth, all one needs is to get as many questions right as possible. Most aptitude tests will measure the number of correct answers against the total number of questions.

To pass an aptitude test:

  • Answer as many questions as possible within the required time
  • Think carefully about your answer as most of these questions can be tricky
  • Take related trial aptitude tests as often as possible before the actual test to ensure that you are ready for the test
  • Once finished, return to questions for which you were not sure of the answers and try working on them again.

How to pass personality tests

The secret to passing a personality test is to determine what every question requires from you. Unlike aptitude tests, personality tests do not test on your career capabilities but mostly on your social attributes. These tests will seek to test your work habits, social abilities and customer service capabilities.


Aptitude tests and personality tests are very common these days, by reading and understanding this guide, you will never have to fret over these tests or even related interview questions. You can log on to this site for more information onlinetestadministrator.com.

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