16 March 2015

Are your recruitment methods damaging your brand?

Are your recruitment methods damaging your brand? 

For most people job hunting is a tedious task and one that is often filled with mixed emotions- change, fear, self doubt, hope, pride and so on.

When people finally arrive at the point of finding a job that is appealing to them, they may take the time to maybe speak with someone at the company and follow up with completing the application process full of hope and anticipation. What happens next?

Do you or your HR team get back to the applicant? Do they acknowledge the application or do they join the long queue of non-responders and leave perhaps hundreds of applicants wondering if their application was even received?

This is a mistake far too many businesses make whilst they are busy, trying to streamline their recruitment process and run their business. But make no mistake, this can be damaging to your brand.

For each applicant who is disgruntled by poor communication they will most likely tell 5-10 people they had a bad experience with your company and those people may in turn tell 1-2 people each. Let’s multiply this by 100 applicants and you are easily looking at 500-1000 people who have been given negative feedback about your business.

Acknowledging your applicant and the time they have taken to apply for any position is a crucial part of your recruitment process. If applicants have spent the time to apply to your company, it is courtesy to acknowledge them with confirmation of their application. At My Joblist we are firm believers of acknowledging all applicants by sending them confirmation of applications received. Equally, shortlisted applicants who have taken the time to have an interview should always be informed of the outcome, preferably with some positive feedback.

A designated recruitment specialist can help businesses manage all the communications with applicants in a way that will leave them feeling positive about your business even in the event they were unsuccessful on that occasion. The aim should be to have the same exponential number of people hearing positive feedback about your business and how they treat their staff.

This will help reinforce positive branding for your business as a great place to work, whereby engaging employment practices are demonstrated right from the beginning of the recruitment process.


Written by Joanna McInnes

Recruitment Specialist, My Joblist



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