14 August 2014

Behind The CV: Interview Questions For Employers

Most people think of interviews in the traditional way where the potential employer asks the question and the interviewee answers. However, interviews have changed, so much so that the interviewee is also given a chance to question the interviewer. This normally happens as the interview is coming to an end.

The interviewer will ask you whether you have any questions for them. When given this opportunity, it is of vital importance to ensure you think carefully before answering. You need to remember that any question you pose to the interviewer should revolve around the job in question and the company in general.

Preparing for the interview

Before attending an interview, it is very important to prepare a list of interview questions you would like to ask the interviewer when given a chance. With your list of questions, make sure you do not ask any questions that may have been covered during the interview. This will give the impression that you were not attentive during the interview process. For this reason, it is always a wise choice to have a notepad and pen with you to take notes during the interview. Once you are offered the chance to ask the questions, you can compare your notes with your list of questions to see which interview questions to avoid.

The dos and don’ts of interview questions for employers

There are interview questions for the employer that are preferable while others may not be the best questions to ask a potential employer.

Questions you cannot ask the employer

“Exactly, what do you do?”

This is a perfect question to pose to the employer and they love this question. This is because it shows them you did not take time to prepare for the interview and that you are not that interested in the job. Avoid it at all costs.

“How many off/sick days do I have?”

Any smart person will not show their desire to take  days off work. Actually, for the answer to this question, it is better to wait until you land the job as the details are always included in the contract. No one wants to hire an absentee employee.

“Do you promote from within?”

Depending on the circumstances, this question can either get you a job or not. If it is a small organization, it is best not to ask the question because again it will make you look confused on the nature of the company. This is because a small company normally has very little room for growth. For a large company, this is a big plus for you since you will look like a person looking for a career as opposed to looking for a job.

Questions to ask an employer

“What budget has been allocated for this position?”

This is a good question especially if it is a new position. This question will show that you understand the importance of a budget and that you take the position seriously.

“How long do employees stay at the company on average?”

This is a good question as it will tell you how long you should expect to be at the company. It is also important to know why employees leave. This will help you understand the working conditions.


With these questions, you will be able to show that your focus is on the company and not yourself. This is the way to get the job.

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