10 March 2014

The Benefits Of Employing Video Interviews For Efficient Recruitment

The main goal of every recruiter is to make sure that the candidate they choose to fill a job vacancy serves as the best fit for the organization and will contribute in the future prosperity of the business. As simple as this task might seem, it is not easy at all. Rather, it is the woe and worry of every recruiter and employer, how to identify the required behavior and personality traits of a candidate, so as to make a quick and efficient assessment regarding their being suitable for the job vacancy or not.

The conventional methods of recruitment are very time consuming and involve a lot of juggling and time management by a recruiter, trying to ensure that the candidates and the selected interview panel, are able to set up and fix a suitable interview time, feasible for both. Candidates, who are currently employed in the industry, find video interviews as a very feasible and convenient option, for having an interaction with the company representative and discussing about their experiences and qualifications.

Conducting video interviews is a highly favorable option for employers and recruiters, as it promises highly rewarding and constructive results.

Reduced Hassle Of Managing Schedules

Conducting video interviews between the candidates and the appointed interviewing panelists, serves to provide a convenient face to face interaction between the two parties, with no hassle of having to juggle the busy schedules and no need to travel.

Both the interviewer and the interviewee do not have to worry about their hectic and tiring work schedules, and can easily take out time within office premises to conduct effective video interviews.

High Suggestive To Interviewers

Video interviews are a much better option than the conventional phone call interviews, as they provide the interviewer with the chance to draw conclusions, after assessing the body language and nonverbal cues of the interviewee.

It accounts for a good evaluation and a more efficient analysis of the interviewee by a single or a panel of interviewers, who determine the personality type, along with the skill and attitude of the candidate.

Easily Recordable

A video interview can be easily recorded for repeated viewings, in case of a discussion among multiple interviewers or a need for the reassessment of a candidate. The recordable procedure adds an element of great convenience, which lets the interviewer to give a detailed and objective evaluation of the candidate to the human resource department, through easy multiple viewing.

Shareable Amongst Other Hiring Personnel

Video interviews besides being recorded can also be shared with other human resource and hiring personnel, involved in the evaluation and final decision of hiring a candidate for a job. This feature facilitates to enable all concerned employers to give their assessment and personality evaluations regarding a particular candidate.

A Very Economical Option

Video interviews are also a very economical option, as employers are able to save a considerable amount of cost related with traveling, for the process of hiring interviews and procedures. All the expenses of traveling and lodging are conserved and the cost efficient option of video interviewing is adopted by the recruiters and employers, to ensure an effective evaluation process.

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