24 February 2014

The Efficacy Of Social Media As A Recruitment Channel

The constantly changing dynamics of technology in the world has completely revolutionised different activities and job responsibilities in various sectors of the industry. The art of recruitment, which is a huge responsibility, upon which depends the future prospects and growth of a business, has also experienced significant change since its inception.

Finding the right person for a job position in a company, is a task which is easier said than done. It requires a considerable amount of experience with skill and expertise, to list the job responsibilities and required personality traits of a good job candidate. But the most difficult ordeal for any and every recruiter is to find and select the pool of suitable candidates for a job position.

Formerly this difficult task was handled only with the posting of available job advertisements in newspapers, and the popular trend of referrals, within the company. But with the changing trends in the world and of the industry, it has become very easy for recruiters to find the most suitable candidate, as well as for job seekers to find the best job in the market.

With the emergence of social media as an effective and popular means of communication, it has become a widely used tool for comparing views and opinions as well as for educating the masses about certain important news. The wide appeal of the different social media websites amongst the population, has made it vital for companies and recruiters, to have a strong social media presence, to attract and inform the possible eligible candidates about the latest job openings in the company.

Social media sites

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer businesses the convenience of designing their own company pages, which are liked and added by interested individuals on their profiles. This ensures a constant update of the latest company happenings and job vacancies available in a firm, to a large spectrum of the population, with no charges and inconvenience to the business at all.

LinkedIn is a social media platform, which serves as a means sent from heaven for recruiters, as it facilitates the entire procedure of posting a job vacancy and searching for suitable candidates, through its various features. Recruiters can easily view individual profiles to find the best possible candidate for a job position, while company pages on LinkedIn have postings for job openings which are communicated to all the interested individuals on the social media platform.

Popular use of Social Media Channels

The trend of using social media sites for effective and cost efficient recruitment is at an all time high, with about more than 92% companies employing the networking platforms to ensure improved recruitment practices.

The social platform medium is highly time efficient and it serves to attract the most suitable type of candidates, for a job opening in a company, with statistics showing higher success results. With the ever popular success of social media channels for effective recruitment, the tool has become a very important and vital part of the selection process, to draw a pool of qualified candidates.

If you are not using social media channels for recruitment, there is a high chance you might not be hiring the best in the industry.

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