3 February 2014

Is Employee Loyalty Dead?

Recently, there has been a lot of information going around that describes how the loyalty of many company employees has been declining in recent years. Employees are becoming less and less satisfied with their employers and are more willing to leave the company if a better opportunity comes along. This can be a huge hassle for your company’s HR department because they will have to spend a lot of time recruiting and hiring new employees, which takes up many resources. Here are some things that your company can do in order to help promote employee loyalty and keep your great employees around for much longer.

Be Considerate of Other Obligations

The first thing that your company can do in order to promote employee loyalty is to realize that your employees have other obligations outside of work. They have families to take care of, appointments to go to, and perhaps even are going to school after hours. If you are expecting your employees to put in a lot of hours during the week to help with a big project, give them a little break if they need to leave for an hour for a doctor’s appointment. Your employees will appreciate it and will work that much harder for you.

Openly Communicate

Many employees become frustrated because they feel like their employers expect a lot of thing from them, but they are not clear on what those expectations are. It is important that you keep the lines of communication open with your employees. Let them know of any changes that occur in the company and take them time to listen to any concerns that they may have about how things are being run.

Respect Your Employees Uniqueness

You hired each employee for a reason. Perhaps they had the right type of education to perform the job or you really thought that their personality would work well with the other employees that you had hired. No matter the reason for hiring each employee, it is important to realize that each of the employees are unique and should be treated that way. Also, try to match up each team member with the position that they would enjoy the most. For example, if one of the employees is an introvert, it probably is not a good idea to put them as a telemarketer.

Respect Achievements

Your employees work hard to help keep your company running and to keep the customers happy. It is not always an easy job, but your employees come in every day and perform the best job that they can. It is important for you to realize all of this hard work. Taking a little time to show that you respect and recognize all of the work that they are doing can help your employees feel like they really matter to the company. This will also help them to continue working hard each day. An employee who feels like they are not being recognized or respected will not keep performing the work that you want; an employee who is being respected will keep meeting and exceeding your expectations.

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