11 December 2013

How to Post Jobs Online

Employers and recruiters use different channels to attract new talent to their companies to fill up different positions. One such channel is job postings. This has been found to be a great way to effectively communicate the job description and expectation. This way, a company or institution can be sure that the people who respond to the job postings are qualified for the job. It has also been found to be beneficial for a company to have a complete job posting that has all the relevant information presented.

For a job posting campaign to be effective, it is important for the employer or recruiter to know how to post jobs and where to post them.

Guide on how to post jobs

There are several tips employers and recruiters can use to have a successful job posting campaign.

  • Keywords: it is very important to have the right words in your job post content. It is also important to remember that individuals who seek employment use various search engines. With good keywords, your job posting will most likely appear in the search results first page. The reason why ranking is so important is because most people are only interested in the first page of the results; very few people bother to go to the next page. Therefore, it is important to understand how Search Engine Optimisation works if you are to run a successful campaign online.
  • The job description: the best way to enjoy great feedback on your online job posting is having a clear description of the job being advertised. Ensure the details of the job postings are clear and well organized. You can make use of short sentences and short paragraphs. This will make it easier for people to understand what the job posting is all about. Provide an overview of the company, the responsibilities and benefits of working with the company.
  • Include links: it is important to provide the job seeker with another way of getting information related to the company. You can make use of twitter or facebook accounts and blogs as a way to increase the company‚Äôs online visibility and ease the recruiting process.

When you incorporate these three ideas on how to post jobs online, you will have ensured that your job postings only attract qualified candidates.

Guide on where to post jobs

There are numerous online sites where you find job listings. The internet has come a long way in accommodating job recruitment. As an employer, you can make a vacant post available to qualified candidates by posting the job online. This is a great way for companies to cut back on advertising costs.

Different places to post jobs online

There are numerous websites where you can find job listings. With the large number of job boards online, it is important to ensure that your job postings end up in the most popular job listing sites. This will ensure that you get a qualified candidate for the job as soon as possible.


There are numerous other ways to get a job posting available to qualified candidates. However, the internet remains the only way to ensure your job posting targets the most qualified persons.

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