How to Reduce Staff Turnover

28 January 2015

6 Reasons Why Staff Are Leaving You in 2015

Employees are a business’s greatest asset, which is why it is paramount to provide them with a healthy and secure work environment.  No business is immune to staff turnover and the days of staff loyalty are quickly diminishing.  That said, there are still ways to help minimize turnover of staff and create an environment where […]

14 August 2014

Online Psychometric Testing: Aiding The screening Process

Psychometric tests objectively measure a person’s metal ability and/or personality. Many companies nowadays are finding online psychometric testing from sites like a key part of their recruitment process. These tests have been designed to give employers a measurable method of selecting the candidates or job applicants that are most suitable for promotion or recruitment. […]

17 January 2014

Active Listening Vs Communicating

Many companies wonder how they will be able to run more efficiently and get things done with the least amount of trouble. For the most part, the companies who are the most frustrated with the way things are going are the ones who sit there and do all of the talking but never do any […]

3 December 2013

How to Reduce Staff Turnover

A high staff turnover can have a negative effect on a company’s profit margins. This is why every human resource office needs to hire and keep the right employees at their company. There are numerous reasons as to why some companies face huge employee turnover while others don’t. Flexible schedules, and competitive benefits and salaries […]