19 March 2014

Improving Recruitment Effectiveness through Job Portals

The entire process of recruitment and selection is one in which a considerable amount of effort and organizational resources are employed in order to ensure that the best possible candidate is chosen for the available job vacancy.

Selecting the most suitable candidate is not an easy task, and involves a long and tiring process for the recruiter, which includes extensive testing and evaluation procedures, with the main goal in mind to choose an applicant who fulfills all the job requirements. While choosing the ideal candidate is difficult, attracting the attention of qualified possible candidates towards the job vacancy in an organization is a much more challenging responsibility. The only way to select the best qualified candidate is to have a pool of suitable applicants. This is possible only by drawing the interest of individuals in the market through a thorough and tested means.

This is where job portals come into the sphere. In view of the rising need for employers to quickly recruit and select suitable candidates for a job vacancy in the company, the need to inform the qualified individuals in the market about the various duties and details about a job has become of paramount importance. Job portals and career sites have emerged as the best possible answer to this challenge.

Job portals and career sites are considered as a very effective means, used by employers, to outline a job vacancy in their company, along with a summary of the various job responsibilities and tasks, on the portals, to attract interested applicants. These sites and online portals serve as the bridge of communication between a company and the applicants, and facilitate in the process of bringing both parties into contact to fulfill their needs and requirements.

Job portals are expertly designed and managed sites, which assist companies to easily post their job listings on the portal, with the skill and qualification requirements for an applicant explicitly stated. This helps to give an interested individual an implicit idea of the overall requirements of a company and the duties and tasks they would be required to perform, along with the skill set and qualifications stated as necessary for an applicant, by the company.

The career sites give the organizations greater exposure and better penetration into the candidate market, helping them easily generate a pool of suitable applicants, from which they can simply filter and shortlist the best possible candidate for the job vacancy.

The efficient operation methods and wider penetration of the job portals have made them a preferred means of advertising and promoting the job vacancy in a company. For employers who outsource the applicant search activity, they thus don’t have to worry about managing the process themselves and putting in a lot of effort and capital, to attract a suitable number of resumes for a job.

The online application forms are filled in by interested candidates on the career sites, and the resumes are forwarded, attached with the forms, to the different organizations, hosting job vacancies. The employers receive the applications and resumes and then shortlist the applicants they consider promising, and then the testing and interviewing process begins.

Career sites and job portals ensure great convenience to both job seekers and recruiters, and assist them to fulfill their purpose, efficiently.

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