13 November 2014

LinkedIn- The Revolutionizing Element In The Sphere Of Recruitment

A number of social media channels and networking sites are very popular in the industry, and serve as a great way to promote and communicate interesting news amongst a larger number of members of the community. But LinkedIn enjoys the distinction of being the social media channel, recognised as the ideal and preferred networking platform, amongst professionals and recruiters in the industry.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not a place to chat and discuss about different news in the world, rather it is the choice networking platform of a number of professionals in the industry, who discuss various sector news and interesting facts about the working environment. The professional profile of the members of the social media platform, serve as the best opportunity for recruiters to easily identify a talented potential in the market, with the required amount of experience and skills.

LinkedIn serves as the ideal source to find the most suitable pool of eligible candidates, who showcase the potential required by a company for filling a job vacancy. It provides recruiters with the golden advantage of exploring the channel to locate the candidates which satisfy their job profile requirements, with no searching costs associated with the activity, and a simple procedure calculated to make the tiring and complex task, easy and manageable.

By searching LinkedIn profiles for the most eligible candidates in the industry, a recruiter can be sure of the reliability of the supplied information, as any false claims are sure to be questioned by the number of connections on the social media platform. Moreover, as LinkedIn profiles can be easily viewed by recruiters all over the world, it facilitates in the process of globalisation, by assisting in identifying the most promising talent to be employed from all over the globe.

When it comes to social recruiting, according to research experts 93% of recruiters utilise LinkedIn for finding the best possible candidate from the social media platform who fulfills the eligibility criteria. Around 97% of Human Resource professionals and staff draw on the extensive member profiles available on LinkedIn, to make their recruiting efforts more efficient.

According to a research, around 77% of all job openings, posted by companies and recruiters in the industry, are posted on LinkedIn, with around 48% of the recruitment professionals only posting job vacancies on the platform, to draw the attention of the talented pool of candidates.

The number of active members on LinkedIn, with complete experience profiles, was around 225 million in 2013, with the number constantly growing and expected to reach a staggering level in the near future. Recruiters regard LinkedIn as the social media platform which has not only completely revolutionised the dynamics involved in the entire recruitment procedure, but also credit it with the task of making the procedure less exhausting and time consuming. By exploring and searching the LinkedIn profiles to find the most suitable candidate for a position, who might or might not be searching for a job, recruiters tend to gain easy access to the individual, and gauge an idea of the expectations and requirement trends prevalent in the candidate market. This serves to make the recruiters better informed to handle the process efficiently and get the best results.

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