14 August 2014

Behind The CV: Interview Questions For Employers

Most people think of interviews in the traditional way where the potential employer asks the question and the interviewee answers. However, interviews have changed, so much so that the interviewee is also given a chance to question the interviewer. This normally happens as the interview is coming to an end. The interviewer will ask you […]

19 March 2014

The Importance Of Employee Referrals In The Recruitment Process

Recruiters employ a number of different methods and industry approved techniques to shortlist and select the best possible candidate from the multitude of interested applicants. The various methods employed include long and complex processes which require a considerable amount of work, with follow up, to ensure the efficiency of the procedure. Employee referrals is a […]

17 April 2013

Getting Results With Aptitude & Personality Tests!

Aptitude tests as well as personality tests can be used to test a person’s compatibility with a particular career field. These career tests can act as guides as to what career path one should take as opposed to trying out different fields before finding your actual field of interest. How these assessments work Assessment tests […]