11 February 2014

Social Media Recruitment- Where to begin?

The use of social media for recruiting new employees is a trend that has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Many companies are seeing the value of posting open positions and other information about their company up on social media sites in order to reach a large portion of the population all at once.

 If you are interested in using social media in your company for recruitment purposes, here are some of the tips that you should follow.

Think Small Too

 It is not just enough to use the big social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. While these sites are perfect if you are trying to appeal to a really big audience, your recruiting process may benefit more from some of the smaller social media sites. There are many different job boards that your candidates may be checking out and posting their cover letters to and you should really be checking these out as well. You can have a lot more luck with finding the perfect candidate if you check out these small sites rather than wasting your time with the influx of unqualified candidates you will most likely get from Facebook.

Size Up Competition

 Taking the time to keep track of your competition is a great way to find some potential employees that you may not have otherwise. Use the social media sites that you are on to figure out what employees of your competition are following. This may lead you to a new page or site that is full of employees that would work perfectly for your company’s needs. In addition, you may have the advantage of seeing if an employee at your competition is looking for a change and could offer them a position if one opens up with your company.

Create Online Presence

When you are using social media, it is important that the presence that you are creating online is authentic. This means that it needs to really be interesting while properly explaining who and what your business is. It is not enough to just set up a profile with a couple of pictures on several social media sites and then hope that potential employees will find you. Instead, take the time to do something with your page that will get you noticed. You want the potential employee to come and look for you rather than spend all your time looking for them.

Make Most of Time You Have

Instead of just taking all of your time searching through social media sites to find the perfect employee, let the social media site do some of the work for you. Take the time to set up contacts on these sites and communicate with them on a regular basis. This will give you the opportunity to be alerted if a potential employee is looking for a position or if any other news of importance is about to happen. You do not have time to sit and look for employees all day long so it is important to use the tools that you have available.

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