Staff Recruitment Tips

16 March 2015

Are your recruitment methods damaging your brand?

Are your recruitment methods damaging your brand?  For most people job hunting is a tedious task and one that is often filled with mixed emotions- change, fear, self doubt, hope, pride and so on. When people finally arrive at the point of finding a job that is appealing to them, they may take the time […]

13 November 2014

Steps To Ensure A Simple And Effective Recruitment Process

The most important activity necessary for the success of a company is the recruitment and subsequent selection of a candidate who portrays promising potential and fulfills all the essential requirements of the organisation for a particular position. But this is something easier said than done. The importance of effective recruitment can be gauged from the […]

11 May 2014

Mobile Recruitment- The Changing Dynamics Of Job Advertising

As trends in the industry change, so do population preferences, making it essential for the companies operating in the industry to accept the modification in the dynamics, and adopt channels and means to reach out to the market. It is not only important to understand the significance of the changing needs and preferences of the […]

19 March 2014

Improving Recruitment Effectiveness through Job Portals

The entire process of recruitment and selection is one in which a considerable amount of effort and organizational resources are employed in order to ensure that the best possible candidate is chosen for the available job vacancy. Selecting the most suitable candidate is not an easy task, and involves a long and tiring process for […]

10 March 2014

The Benefits Of Employing Video Interviews For Efficient Recruitment

The main goal of every recruiter is to make sure that the candidate they choose to fill a job vacancy serves as the best fit for the organization and will contribute in the future prosperity of the business. As simple as this task might seem, it is not easy at all. Rather, it is the […]

24 February 2014

The Efficacy Of Social Media As A Recruitment Channel

The constantly changing dynamics of technology in the world has completely revolutionised different activities and job responsibilities in various sectors of the industry. The art of recruitment, which is a huge responsibility, upon which depends the future prospects and growth of a business, has also experienced significant change since its inception. Finding the right person […]

24 February 2014

Important Details To Consider While Seeking A Good Job Candidate

Selecting a candidate who has all the potential requirements necessary for a job, amongst the huge number of available applicant resumes, is indeed a difficult and challenging task. Recruiters have to undergo a long and tiring procedure of short listing the large number of interested applicants, after perusing their resumes thoroughly, so as to minimize […]

11 February 2014

Social Media Recruitment- Where to begin?

The use of social media for recruiting new employees is a trend that has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Many companies are seeing the value of posting open positions and other information about their company up on social media sites in order to reach a large portion of the […]

11 December 2013

How to Post Jobs Online

Employers and recruiters use different channels to attract new talent to their companies to fill up different positions. One such channel is job postings. This has been found to be a great way to effectively communicate the job description and expectation. This way, a company or institution can be sure that the people who respond […]