13 November 2014

Steps To Ensure A Simple And Effective Recruitment Process

The most important activity necessary for the success of a company is the recruitment and subsequent selection of a candidate who portrays promising potential and fulfills all the essential requirements of the organisation for a particular position.

But this is something easier said than done. The importance of effective recruitment can be gauged from the fact that companies incur a significant amount of cost in their selection process, and if a wrong candidate is chosen for a job position, it means the complete wastage of the resources spent by the organisation.

Furthermore, an unsuitable candidate is surely to engage in and perform organisational responsibilities in an unsatisfactory manner, resulting in added costs for the company which might even cause some great losses in the future. Therefore, it is important to adopt a recruitment and selection process which is both effective and simple, making it easy for the recruiters to identify the best possible candidate from the available pool of applicants. It ensures a reasonably paced procedure, which facilitates in suitable selection and also simplifies the complex process for the responsible recruiter.

There are a few established and preferred methods of designing a recruitment process which is sure to provide a company with the best possible candidate for a job position, thus ensuring the best utilisation of the company resources.

Ensure Proper Advertising Of The Vacancy

The first and most important step in the process is to ensure that you as a recruiter are able to attract a pool of highly qualified candidates who have the required set of skills necessary for the vacant job position. Without making the candidate market aware of the fact that your organisation has a vacant position and requires a suitable individual to perform the various responsibilities, you cannot accomplish your purpose of selecting the best if you have no interested applicants.

With the popularity of the internet and the social media channels, it has become very easy and cost effective for recruiters to advertise about the available job vacancies on the careers page of their company website or post the job listings on the company pages on different social media sites. According to industry statistics, it is the most effective and simple way to draw a pool of interested candidates.

Shortlist And Filter The Applicants Resumes

Many organisations have online forms and application systems which enable a candidate to post his resume and provide personal details along with his goals and ambitions in life. These forms are designed to reject the resume of any candidate which does not fulfill the inbuilt criteria of a company.

After the scrutiny of the application system, as a recruiter, you can minimise your worries by shortlisting the best candidates through an expert filtering of resumes. Only those resumes should be approved which have much to offer and depict a promising image of the candidate as being suitable for the organisation.

Interview And Evaluate

Only interview the shortlisted candidates, and make sure that you conduct a couple of interviews to determine the capabilities and mostly importantly the attitude of the applicant. Evaluate him regarding his expertise and skills for the offered job, and make sure that he fulfills the posted job specifications.

The interviews should be conducted by a panel of employees to ensure an unbiased and thorough assessment of the candidate before making a final decision.

As hiring an individual for a job position, is of extreme importance it is necessary to keep the entire process very simple, yet highly effective, to ensure the best selection.





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