13 November 2014

LinkedIn- The Revolutionizing Element In The Sphere Of Recruitment

A number of social media channels and networking sites are very popular in the industry, and serve as a great way to promote and communicate interesting news amongst a larger number of members of the community. But LinkedIn enjoys the distinction of being the social media channel, recognised as the ideal and preferred networking platform, […]

11 May 2014

Pregnancy and Work Transitions

Pregnancy in the work force is a subject that many companies have to deal with at some point. As women are filling many open jobs, it makes sense that they will need to have some time off in order to take care of their newborn babies. While many companies may fully understand and support this, […]

24 February 2014

The Efficacy Of Social Media As A Recruitment Channel

The constantly changing dynamics of technology in the world has completely revolutionised different activities and job responsibilities in various sectors of the industry. The art of recruitment, which is a huge responsibility, upon which depends the future prospects and growth of a business, has also experienced significant change since its inception. Finding the right person […]

3 February 2014

Is Employee Loyalty Dead?

Recently, there has been a lot of information going around that describes how the loyalty of many company employees has been declining in recent years. Employees are becoming less and less satisfied with their employers and are more willing to leave the company if a better opportunity comes along. This can be a huge hassle […]